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Middle Way

This sites contains ideas related to the practice of traditional Taiji Quan, health benefits, martial art and philosophy (linked to personal development). You will find some findings about my researches: rewarding encounters, thoughts, key practice  points, elements of understanding classical and scientific texts.


I do not pay much attention to the style, my main practice being the Wu style 吴. I am passionated by meticulous aspects of relaxation and harmony in the mouvement, which are still rather unknown and which correspond very well to the classics of Taiji (the classics having often their own interpretation by the different schools). Those aspects contribute to the martial efficiency  and to some health/therapeutic benefits. This can be resumed by the following principles (of which the two first are rather well known): structure (端正), spirales (圆润), unity (完整), uniformity and harmony (均匀), deep relaxation (放松), lighteness (轻灵) and internal flow (通透). Those principles correspond to precise and mesurable elements which can be partly assessed visually. I wrote about how to train these aspects in my article Taiji form: an inner journey.

TaiJiQuan Lun - Bamboo book

Here I propose a translation of the Taiji Quan treatise, with explanations related to this profound dimension still little explored in practice, the meticulous aspects I talk about here above. As well as a translation of a text written by Ma Yang Cheng Long about Fang Song (to relaxe and loosen up the mind and body).

News 2024

Monthly class for harmonization with a partner and TuiShou

The practice of TuiShou (pushing hands) is enriched with a more meticulous 2 people practice. Each practitioner can choose between a slow/smooth practice and a sportier one, with free and spontaneous exchanges that are necessary for personal evolution in taichi.

16th March 2024 - Workshop Lausanne

Neigong and FangSong

Swiss Dao Cup 2024

I once again organize and arbitrate the adult Tui Shou contest during that event: 2nd June in Martigny.

More information about the 2023 event in this article.


- a video of kids demonstration at Taichi-Tcho 2017

- "Forme de Taiji: un voyage intérieur"

- a video of the children's class

- a video of the workshop given in Fribourg

- album "Memories of China 2014-2015"

- article "la réponse de relaxation"

- a video introduction on the class page

It is in Valais (Switzerland) that I live, practice and share about my passion. And I do regularly visit Master Yang Cheng Long in China since 2001. He is my main source of inspiration about Taiji Quan and martial arts. My teaching is mainly based on the knowledge he transmits, as well as my own experience and the different parctitioners/teachers/masters with whom I have a chance to improve.

Sharing on a Taiji Quan background, boxing of the Tao, moving meditation


YangChengLong and Fabian - KunMing

(pictures from the albums, with testimonials in french from the courses and workshops)


The idea behind this site is described under Introduction\A MiddleWay.


To be notified of updates please refer to the "Latest site updates" section of the "News" panel here above. You can also leave me a message to be in the mailing list, have a look at the site's news'page or the blog (RSS available).


Some videos are available on the video & testimony page, on the children class page, or on some blog articles that present the given workshop.


I wish you a pleasant visit, a rich personal search  and a good practice.



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