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Middle Way

An essay on the Taiji Quan Lun (attributed to its legendary creator Zhang San Feng 张三丰)

TaiJiQuan Lun - Bamboo book
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This translation is based on oral explanations, in Chinese, from Master Yang ChengLong 杨成龙, complemented by my basic understanding of the human internal workings according to neurosciences. I have made a comparison with translations I am aware of*, and I believe the following explanation sheds a complimentary light on some of the main components of the practice as well as lesser known aspects, which are meticulous and seem still little explored.


It’s my pleasure to share these ideas and I hope they might be helpful to you.



Taoist Master  Chang San-Feng, by Michael P. Garofalo, 2007 (comparaison de différentes traductions)

Traité sur le taiji quan, Les Compagnons du Taijiquan, Angers


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