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Taiji Quan is here a background. The Philosophy, health and martial art are thus directly concerned, but more generally speaking....Life and personal search.


The Middle Way concept represent a state of mind, looking for things in common instead of differences, for instance between ancient wisdom and modern science.


It also represent the richness of the complementarity: about Taiji Quan, one can meditate under a tree, harmonize himself performing a form or with a partner in TuiShou, or even have a martial exchange with or without protective equipment.


A Middle Way implies that one can be wrong, and that an absolute truth does not exist. This way is not rigid, it depends on a point of view, and thus is free to progress.


Information on this web site is thus an invitation to share and think.


I won't go into too much basic information about Taiji Quan, as they can be found on thousands of web sites.


I take the opportunity to thank the people who helped me to create this web site and who gave me a feedback about different publications, articles and translations. A special thanks to Richard W. for helping me out with the first english versions of the web site.



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