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Middle Way

An essay on the Taiji Quan Lun (attributed to its legendary creator Zhang San Feng 张三丰)
TaiJiQuan Lun - Bamboo book
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 1  Once in motion each body part is light and agile; they are intricately linked.  2  Qi is stimulated, attention turned inward.  3  Their can not be deficiency or excess, peaks or lows; there can be no interruption.  4  The root is in the feet, issuing relies on the legs, control is in the waist, and expression is in the extremities. This flow is performed simultaneously, in a unified movement.  5  When these requirements are fulfilled, no matter how one moves: the superior position and advantage is gained. If superiority is not acquired it's because one is disordered.  6  Up, down, front, back, left, right…the same way. One implies all the others, and this synchronization relies on the Yi.  7  In coming into contact with us, the opponent becomes disorganized and inflicts himself a defeat, he loses his own root. This is done rapidly and without thought.  8  Empty and full must be clearly understood, each part is empty and full. All the cells are meticulously  linked, their can not be the slightest break.


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