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    Middle Way

    An essay on the Taiji Quan Lun (attributed to its legendary creator Zhang San Feng 张三丰)
    TaiJiQuan Lun - Part 7

    In coming into contact with us, the opponent becomes disorganized and though a self-inflicted defeat, he loses his own root. This is done rapidly and without thought.


    Another benefit for a two person exchange, even more subtle: permeability (TongTou 通透)


    When one is light, relaxed and connected, then the opponent cannot find any resistance to engage despite a physical contact (as if he was pushing/striking water). Depending on one’s response, he could fall into your void or find himself automatically repelled.  He disorganizes himself, loses his own roots, destabilizes himself: he destroys his structure as well as his internal preparation because he is in contact with someone better structured/organized than him (and thus two levels of understanding of Gen根).


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